It’s Alive!

Afters years of writing and many long months of pre-launch marketing work, Screw the Zoo is officially in the wild!! If you haven’t already ordered your copy, you can pick one up on Amazon here (and if you have already ordered your copy, then YOU ROCK!)

Screw the Zoo Cover Large

But wait, there’s more…In honor of launch week, I’m running a contest!  Here are the details:

From June 9th through June 14th, 2015, the person who does the most to drive traffic, sales, and overall visibility for Screw the Zoo will win 1 hour of free consulting with me (in-person if you’re in the Seattle area, or if you want to travel up here, but otherwise via Skype call or Google Hangout). We can discuss whatever you want; life goals, business ideas, personal challenges, take your pick. In addition, I’ll send you a free, signed copy of the book, and you’ll get a big public Thank You on the blog and via my social channels. Sorry, but only one grand prize winner.

No purchase is necessary, but you’ll need to document your efforts to promote the book and outline them in a comment on this post no later than Monday, June 15th, at 11:59 PST. If you’d rather, you can also send the details to Contest at

How, you might ask, should you document your efforts? Just shoot me an email outlining what you did to promote the book. If you want, you can append some data to the end of any URL you share to help me track it, as follows: (or, if you’re marketing savvy, you can use the Google URL builder here.)

Just take this URL, and change the bits in bold to reflect your name, and where you shared the link. I’ll be able to see in my analytics platform who drove visits from the site.

That’s it! I’ll be sending free signed copies of the book to the 3 runners up as well, so even if you don’t think you can knock it out of the park, you should still give it your best effort 🙂

Happy Reading!


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Sam McRoberts

Author of Screw the Zoo. CEO of VUDU Marketing.