Chapter Notes

As odd as this may seem, I actually didn’t work from a set of notes when writing this book. I did some spot-checking, to make sure I recalled some things correctly, but overall I just have an uncanny ability to absorb information and regurgitate it as needed.

That said, I feel like it would be helpful to readers to have more information to reference for each chapter, since there were length and media constraints when writing the book. I didn’t want to include these in the book because many of them live online, and trying to read a long URL in a book and then type it into a browser is a really shitty user experience.

I’m working on putting together a list of notes, resources, articles, research papers, videos, and more that influenced my thinking, broken down chapter by chapter (excluding the “In The Beginning” and “Afterword” sections of the book).

In the meantime, I’ll be taking the material from each chapter, and turning them into much, much more in-depth blog posts, with links out to articles, embedded videos, and more.


Lesson 1 – Free Choice

Ch. 1 – The High Cost of Free Choice

Free Will by Sam Harris

The Clockwork Universe

Ch. 2 – It Isn’t Nice to Point

Ch. 3 – No, You’re Not Excused

Ch. 4 – Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Ch. 5 – Maybe Later

Memento Mori Medallion

Ch. 6 – All is Well 

Ch. 7 – Chicken Shit

Ch. 8 – Doubt Not, Want Not

Ch. 9 – And The Truth Shall Set You Free


Lesson 2 – Self-Worth

Ch. 10 – As a Man Thinketh Knoweth

Ch. 11 – The Myth of Perfection

Ch. 12 – Why Do We Fall?

Ch. 13 – Know Thyself

Ch. 14 – Tick Tock

Ch. 15 – The Value of Adding Value

Ch. 16 – Be The Best You

How to Be Authentic, and Why It Matters

Ch. 17 – Opinions Are Like Assholes

The Courage to Be Disliked

Ch. 18 – Self, Worth Fighting For


Lesson 3 – Tradition

Ch. 19 – Once Upon a Time

Ch. 20 – Traditional CRAP

Ch. 21 – Brainwashed from Birth

We Are God

Ch. 22 – Education vs. Formal Education

Ch. 23 – The 9 to 5 Death

Ch. 24 – The Myth of Retirement

Ch. 25 – No Fate, But What We Make


Lesson 4 – Perception

Ch. 26 – Perception is Reality

Ch. 27 – Becoming Telepathic

Ch. 28 – Hacking Humanity

Ch. 29 – Empowered by Empathy

Ch. 30 – Power Perceived is Power Achieved

Lesson 5 – Appearance

Ch. 31 – Presentation is Everything

Ch. 32 – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Ch. 33 – Clothes Make The Man

Ch. 34 – Spoken Like a True Gentleman

Ch. 35 – Just the FACS

Ch. 36 – Who You Know

Ch. 37 – There Is No Spoon

A Glitch in the Matrix

Lesson 6 – Desire

Ch. 38 – The Heart of the Problem

Ch. 39 – Good ol’ Maslow

Ch. 40 – What Do You Want?

Ch. 41 – Why Do You Want It?

Mimetic Desire

Ch. 42 – Entitled to Jack

Ch. 43 – Greedy Little Bastard

Ch. 44 – Striking a Balance


Lesson 7 – Purpose

Ch. 45 – The Meaning of Life

Ch. 46 – Begin at the Beginning

Ch. 47 – Creation > Consumption

Create More Than You Consume (Jeff Bezos)

Ch. 48 – Worth Dying Living For?

Ch. 49 – Moderation in All Things

Ch. 50 – Living Your Own Life

Ch. 51 – Leaving a Legacy