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#1 Amazon Bestseller in Self-Help

By Sam McRoberts



What Readers Are Saying

Following in the footsteps of Tim Ferriss’ 4-hour Work Week, Screw The Zoo helps us overcome our own biases and feelings to be more efficient and effective and at the end of the day lead a happier, more productive life. Sam’s blunt take on the things that can hold us back, helped me look deeper into what drives me and how to overcome the roadblocks in my own mind. A must read for self starters and those who want to live their life free from what others think (and your own inner thought-blocks).– Stephan

Absolutely worth the read and I would vote for it to be taught as a class in school! The author touches on a lot of points that we (or at least I) have forgotten about in the slogging through the daily drudge. Refreshing perspective. I would recommend this book to any student or adult searching for a means to find direction. Cuts to the chase and doesn’t sugar coat the facts.– Michelle

Great read. Well worth the money. I’ve read many books on the same topic, but this was one of the easiest to read. It provides many actionable steps to make great changes in one’s life.– Karl

Buy it AND read it. I’m not a huge fan of self-help books and I only spend a small portion of my “spare” time reading, despite the fact that I own a significant number of books (no problem with acquisition, just reading them). That being said, I have had trouble putting this book down. The writing style is both easy to follow and playful at the same time, which certainly helps to keep my interest. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure that “self-help” is the correct categorization for this book. While I’ve found aspects of the book to be helpful to me personally, I think the most interesting pieces are the astute observations on life, in general, and how quickly and easily we can be distracted from what truly matters to us as individuals. This book has provided me with a different way of thinking and viewing things – from small, everyday tasks to grandiose ideas. I can’t think of a single person that I know personally who wouldn’t enjoy reading this book. Most would probably benefit from it as well. Highly recommended. – Jamie

I’m about halfway through this book and totally loving it. The writer’s style is friendly and approachable while passing on some killer advice. It’s a great mix of new advice and proverbial advice we often hear – however he actually spells out how to use it – tips and tricks for getting out of your rut and taking back your life. I’m not a huge self help reader, but I am throughly enjoying this book – and already starting to change some of the ways I interact with the world. If you are in need of some introspection and advice on what to do with what you’ve discovered, this book is for you. – Steph

Freaking amazing! You can’t help but identify and will come out with a more positive, driven take on life. The life you want is yours to make & Sam will teach you how: “Escape from your cage, free your mind, and take over the world”. Read it, read it now! – Jordan