Video Games Hold the Secret of Life, the Universe, and Everything

While Forrest Gump may have seen life as a box of chocolates, in reality it’s more like a big fucking bucket of crabs:

Bucket of Crabs

We live in a world full of crabs, err, people, most of whom are perfectly comfortable, or at least sufficiently complacent, chilling inside the bucket.

The world seems simple. Constrained. You can clearly see the limits of “reality”.

But what you see, like the people in Plato’s Cave, is just an illusion.

And when some curious, rebellious motherfucker comes along and says things like “what’s beyond the bucket?” and maybe “let’s go take a peek”, all those other comfortable/scared crabs are like “fuck you get back down here” and “don’t rock the bucket bitch, you’re making us look bad”.

Fucking people, err, crabs.

As Naval Ravikant so eloquently stated, “Life is a single player game”.

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