How to Live Healthier and Longer

If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything. - Count Rugen

Let’s face it…in this, the Six Fingered Man certainly knew what he was talking about 😂

Ever since I first started body building in high school, I’ve been fascinated by the world of health and fitness. Nutrition, diet, fasting, supplements, exercise, MED, you name it, I’ve gone deep into everything. And there’s a LOT to dig through. Some areas are fairly dialed in, but there are also a lot of things still up for debate or unknown, so consider this a work in progress.

I think the best way to go about this will be to walk through how I currently optimize my own health, and the reasons why I do what I do, but before I do that there’s an important caveat. Continue reading…

Is Free Will Real?

As a child I drove my parents and teachers bat shit crazy, and “fiercely independent” was a phrase I heard often (“pain in the ass” was also pretty common).

A lot of people have asked me, “Sam, why are you so __________,” rotating between stubborn, persistent, non-traditional, annoying…you get the idea. I used to respond with whatever smart ass remark came to mind, but I’ve actually given this question a ton of thought over the years. I think I finally have an answer:

Free Choice Programming

For a very, VERY long time I believed fiercely in the principle that we all possess free will, and that we’re free to make our own choices.

I have since changed by mind. Continue reading…

Lazy for Life

Lazy Owl

About 2 years ago I was visiting Prague, and I had the opportunity to go to a raptor sanctuary. While there, the group got to see, hold and interact with all sorts of amazing birds, from owls and eagles to falcons and hawks.

It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

However, out of everything I did and heard that day, one thing in particular stood out to me. The guy overseeing the experience, the owner of the sanctuary, said this: “Raptors are LAZY. You wouldn’t believe how lazy. Watch.”

And then he proceeded to show us just how lazy these birds are 🤣 Continue reading…

What is Bitcoin REALLY?

While the title says bitcoin, I’m really using that as a catchall, and I intend to address cryptocurrencies and fungible tokens in general. I will not be looking at DAOs, smart contracts, or NFTs here.

I’m fully aware that in the literal sense all cryptocurrencies and fungible tokens are not the same, but the mental scaffolding that underpins the whole of that space very much IS the same, and that’s what I want to dig into.

Here goes. Continue reading…